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Hilliard Burt - City Tennis Champion, University of Georgia tennis.
Rod Blaylock - Mercer University football. City Recreation Department Director 40 plus years.
John Strong
Dan Royal Sr. - Football
Horace Sasser - Albany High School, springboard dives, University of Georgia.
Board of Directors

Richard Carson, Pete Cox, Alice Coachman Davis,
Jimmy Gray Jr., Joe James, Marvin Lorig, Dee Mathews,
Morgan Murphy, Rod Blaylock, Hope McKinnon,
Paul Robertson, Jamil Saba, Jessie Walters,
Billy Swilley, Cleve Westor, Lamar Clifton,
Jimmy Fackler, Will Campbell.
Nominating Committee
  From Left Front Row: Lamar Clifton, Maxine Strickland,
Brandon Seely, Buford Collins, From Left Back Row:
Pat Field, Obie O'Neal, Ralph Satterfield,
Sonny Waren, Not Shown: B.B. Rhodes, Ferrell Henry.
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