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A.C. Searles
A.C. Searles motto as basketball coach was one most do not have the luxury to follow. Searles, however, was able to abide by his motto of "Never rebuild. Always reload." That philosophy carried Searles to five state titles, six second-place finishes and 10 region championships in his days as the Monroe girls' head basketball coach. "You should never rebuild, always reload," searles says. "That's what we did. We always had a good team coming back, so we didn't have to start from scratch any year. We always had enough good players coming back to have a good team." Searles had many good teams in his 30-year coaching career. For his contributions to sports in the city, Searles will be inducted into the Albany Sports Hall of Fame. "It certainly is a tremendous thrill," Searles says. "It's going to be a tremendous thrill for hundreds of other people as well." A native of Albany and a Monroe High graduate, Searles attended college at Tennessee State. He returned to teach at his alma mater in 1940. Searles took his teams through the 1950, 1951, 1952 ancf 1953 seasons undefeated. Monroe moved up to Class AA, the highest class in the GIA, in 1959. The girls won the region that year and every year through 1968 before entering 1-AAA in the Georgia High School Association. "Certainly, it made it special (to be so successful at his alma mater)," l says Searles. "It made me feel good to be able to do so much for the school and the city."

Marvin "Mack'' McKemie Reese
Marvin "Mack'' McKemie Reese is a graduate of Westover High School with an extended list of athletic accomplishments - accomplishments that have earned his induction into the Albany Sports Hall of Fame. During his high school athletic career, Reese won the MVP Field Performance Award for two consecutive years and the All-Class Best Performance Award for the high jump in the 1979 Georgia State Hfgh School meet. Reese set records in the city, county and region that still stand today. His state records stood for two years, and he was region and AAAA state champion in the high jump category. In the 1979 National High School track competition, Reese placed third at the Atlanta Classic. He also assisted in the Aibany Special Olympic Awards while in high school and qualified for the "Outstanding Young Men of America" award in 1981. Reese attended Georgia Tech in Atlanta on a track-and-field scholarship, earning a Bachelor's degree in industrial management in 1983 and a Masters degree in management in 1985. Reese set records in track and field that still stand. Additional accomplishments include being Champion of the 1981, Southern Indoor Championship, Champion of the 1981 Florida Relays, being one of three Freshmen, in the country to qualify and attend the 1980 NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championship in Detroit, Mich., and placing fifth in the National Junior Olympic Track meet in Knoxville, Tenn. in 1980. Albany is proud to welcome Mack Reese, now a resident of Atlanta, to the Albany Sports Hall of Fame.

Robert "Sonny'' Warren
Robert "Sonny'' Warren's current plan is to be as active as possible until somebody or something tells him otherwise. If Albany is lucky, that day will never come. For his contributions to sports in the city, the 74-year-old (Warren will be inducted into the Albany Sports Hall of Fame. Warren has been a mainstay in sports in Albany, especially the promotion of tennis and the current renovation plans of Hugh Mills Stadium. He has also been an active member of the Albany Sports Hall of Fame since its formation 12 years ago. "I've never been so surprised in my life," Warren says of the induction. "I served on that nominating committee for 11 years until this year. I don't have the kind of stuff those folks are looking for. But I am honored and humbled that they would pick me." Warren has taken an active role in sports since forming the Albany Tennis Club in 1946. He is a past president of the organization and was elected to its Hall of Fame. Warren was instrumental in securing funds to build new courts and promoted tennis in the community. He received a state award in 1962 for his outstanding contributions to tennis. But if you want to get Warren really excited, mention his work with the Dougherty County Stadium Authority. Phase one of the remodeling of Hugh Mills Stadium took place last summer. Warren says he's looking forward to this summer, when the locker rooms and training room will be reworked, among other projects. Warren works for Howard Ventulett & Bishop Insurers Inc. and enjoys spending time on his farm a hunting and fishing with his 19 grandchildren.

Mary Ann Sauls Reynolds
Mary Ann Sauls Reynolds more than 50 years after having a door opened for her, Mary Ann Sauls Reynolds will step into the Albany Sports Hall of Fame. She became one of Georgia's top amateur golfers after learning how to play golf at Radium Country Club in the 1940s. "I was always encouraged to play, and that's what it takes," says Reynolds. "I had great support. I had some advantages. I capitalized on them, because I really want to do it." Reynolds, now a resident of Dallas, Texas, is a 1946 Albany High School graduate, used to hit links at Radium Country Club almost daily. She was allowed to play there as often as she wanted. 'When I was really training, I was out there earty every morning," Reynolds says. "I remember when I used to sit on the bench on the third hole and take in how beautiful it was." She played most of her morning rounds by herself. Then she would join a group for 18 more holes in the afternoon. Her extra work payed off. After graduating from The University of Georgia in 1950, she won the Georgia Women's Amateur a Championship twice and the Women's Southern Championship once. In 1958, Reynolds was named Georgia's athlete of the year. She toured with the ladies Professional Golf Association for three years and eventually earned Class A LPGA teach1ng card, working a chain of Texas golf stores. She joined Empowered Women's Golf in 1994, which focuses its clinics and club fitting toward females, especially corporate clients. ''Of course, I was s thrilled to learn about this honor (induction into the Hall of Fame)," she says. "I have always loved Albany. I think it is the essence of America.
Board of Directors
 Winfred Binson, Judy Bowles, John Davis, Mark Davis, Willie Emerson, Pat Field, Bob Geiger, Dennis Hester, Joe James, Parks Jones, Hilton Longshore, Helen McCorvey, Michelle Oaks, Larry Owens, B.B. Rhodes, John Vansant, Cleve Wester, Lim Wilcox, Pete Cox, Paul Robertson, Billy Swilly, Wilber Wright.
Nominating Committee
  Top Row L-R: Bugar Seely, Ducky Wall Ralph Satterfield,
Bottom Row L-R: Betsy Sely, James Griffin, B.B. Rhodes,
Not Pictured: Geoff Gray, Paul Eames, Framk Orgel
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