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    In 1989, Albany residents Pete Cox and Cleve Wester envisioned the Albany Sports Hall of Fame – an avenue through which recognition could be given to deserving athletes, and scholarships could be awarded to exceptionally well-rounded high school graduates.
    Albany has had so many nationally prominent athletes, such as Ray Knight, Stanley Floyd and Lionel James, that the time had come to give recognition where recognition was due.
    Over the past 29 years, this vision has become a reality. The Albany Sports Hall of Fame has seen tremendous success, and is sure to continue shedding light on some of Albany’s most qualified athletes and students.
    “The people of Albany have backed the Albany Sports Hall of Fame 100 percent,” says Pete Cox, an original and current member of the Sports Hall of Fame.
    Cox is also a member of the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame. “The objectives behind the Albany Sports Hall of Fame were to honor Albany’s athletes and to honor an athlete from each high school each year. Being named ‘Albany Sports Hall of Fame Athlete of the Year’ is an honor that each recipient can take with him for the rest of his life.”
    To be chosen as an inductee to the Albany Sports Hall of Fame, one must first be nominated.
    The candidate’s application is reviewed by the Albany Sports Hall of Fame selection committee with discriminating judgement, looking at the candidate’s high school participation (50 percent), his college participation (25 percent), and his overall character and willingness to further athletics in the Albany community (25 percent).
    Raising money for scholarships is a priority for the Albany Sports Hall of Fame.
“Our profits go into scholarship funds,” explains Cox.
    “The scholarships must be used in an Albany institution, whether it be Albany State University, Albany Technical College or Darton College.”
    The recipients of these scholarships do not necessarily have to be gifted in an athletic area, but must be adequate academically, must have an acceptable SAT score, must be recommended by a school faculty member, and must exhibit a quality of leadership, character and community service. This year’s two scholarship recipients are LaShonda Price of Albany High School and Parks Pace of Deerfield-Windsor School.
    Six of Albany’s high schools each have one “Athlete of the Year,” chosen by the coaches of the schools. This award is bestowed on qualified athletes and is recognized at the annual Sports Hall of Fame Banquet.
    The 29th Annual Albany Sports Hall of Fame Inductee Banquet is an event in which all of these outstanding citizens of Albany can be recognized and appreciated.
        The banquet becomes bigger and better every year, and everyone is welcome to attend.
   Tickets are $15 and may be obtained by contacting Sonya Spillers at 229-344-3198 or any other Albany Sports Hall of Fame Board Member. The 29th Annual Albany Sports Hall of Fame Inductee Banquet is sure to be a big success. You won’t want to miss it. See you there!!

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